EKOPET ENERGY INC. provides industrial cleaning services with its well-equipped team and special equipment, especially in petroleum refineries. We are using the advanced technology with materials harmless to the environment and human life with the disposal treatment and recycling of energy petroleum-derived wastes. At the same time meeting customer expectations in the best way possible with its expert and dynamic staff. EKOPET ENERGY INC. was founded in 2019, an Akademi Holding subsidiary, to provide more livable solutions to future generations.


As Ekopet Energy Industry INC.; we provide chemical waste management services in the refining, petrochemical, and chemical sectors in a way to increase the profit margin of our customers at the same time protecting the environment whilst considering our latest technological developments. With our main activities and our social responsibility, we are protecting the environment and the natural resources, showing importance to ethical values, and contributing to social and economic development.


To be an exemplary company in refining in the petrochemical and chemical industry that is respectful to the environment and has innovative solutions.


Environmental, honest, transparent, teamwork-oriented, customer-oriented.