Sustainable and cost-efficient solutions for your sludge

The appropriate methods for reducing the number of wastes originating from petrochemical and various industrial sectors in the refinery are increasing the solid matter ratio, increasing their calorific values, making them transportable on highways. With our expert staff, urban wastewater treatment plants, drinking water treatment plants, and industrial treatment facilities; by densification and dewatering operations, we ensure that the suspended solid matter in the sludge is removed from the water with centrifuge technology.

Sludge originating from your production process or water purification system may not always be the first thing on your mind, but it can seriously disrupt your primary process, resulting in high costs. To avoid this, a customised solution is needed.

Full service provider

You can subcontract all aspects of your sludge dewatering to Ekopet Energy Industry Inc. We are the expert, offering a total solution for your sludge treatment. Your sludge is dewatered on a fully continuous or project basis, using permanent systems or mobile units. By dewatering the sludge on your site, we substantially reduce the volume to be transported away. This saves you transport and treatment costs.Our size, capacity and in-house expertise ensure that we can step in rapidly.


Innovative technology, dedicated staff and the correct chemical conditioning guarantee optimal sludge dewatering.


Thorough sample analysis in our own laboratory

In order to offer you a customised solution, we map out your process thoroughly in advance, including sample-taking. In the Ekopet Energy Industry Inc. laboratory, we subject your sludge samples to a comprehensive test programme in order to determine the best formula and dewatering technique.We translate test results for you into a specific, practical solution, after which we can get to work on your site.


The best solution for your sludge

Ekopet Energy Industry Inc. possesses all available dewatering techniques and associated equipment to implement your projects successfully.


Mobile solutions

With our mobile fleet and its innovative technologies, we can dewater the sludge on your site. Our experienced and trained operators run the sludge dewatering systems and ensure maximum efficiency. Depending on the composition of the sludge, various dewatering techniques are possible.


Permanent solutions

As well as mobile solutions, Ekopet Energy Industry Inc. offers permanent solutions for sludge dewatering on your site. In close consultation and with full transparency, we design and build a customised system in line with your budget. Our own maintenance department and back-up systems guarantee you maximum operational reliability. Ekopet Energy Industry Inc. takes care of everything for you thanks to guaranteed continuous dewatering, including operation and maintenance.

24/7 call-out service

The last thing our customers want is their production coming to a halt or causing environmental incidents as a result of problems with the processing of sludge or waste water. Ekopet Energy Industry Inc.. has a 24/7 call-out service to help here. With our mobile units, we can take over your sludge dewatering at short notice.


We have rolled out successful sludge dewatering projects for a wide variety of industries such as oil&gas businesses. And we always do so with the closest attention to safety and the environment.