Innovative and reliable solutions in tank cleaning

Cleaning out the rough and fine cleaning of tanks where all kinds of petroleum-derived products,
chemical products, and wastes are stocked in refineries, filling facilities, highways, and various industrial establishments, using the advanced technology is regulated by us.

Ekopet Energy Endustri Inc provides bulk waste oil and hydrocarbon collection and disposal for businesses across the Turkey. The recovery of waste hydrocarbon or surplus hydrocarbons is dependent on the hydrocarbon type and quantity.

These are some of the hydrocarbons that we can collect:

  • Diesel, White Diesel
  • Red Diesel, Gas Oil
  • Kerosene, Kero
  • Industrial Heating Oil
  • Generator Fuel, Industrial Fuel, Commercial Fuel

Ekopet Energy Endustri Inc’s oil recovery service is quick and efficient. We have many experts to provide waste and surplus oil recoveries and our prices are always competitive. Our national waste oil collection service means we can come near you to collect your waste oils, anywhere in the Turkey.


Which fuel tank cleaning services are suitable for your setup?

All you need to do is inform a member of our team about the type of storage tank you require cleaning and they’ll be happy to advise you on the next steps.

It is also equally important that you fully explore your remedial options before going ahead with a full tank clean.

This is because if you’re dealing with contaminated fuel in your tank, it’s very important to understand the full extent of that issue before simply going ahead with a tank clean.


So what does that mean in simple terms?

Simply put, before you do anything else, you need to have your fuel or hydrocarbons tested. Our hydrocarbon department has more details on this service.

Then, depending on the outcome of your hydrocarbon testing report, we’ll then advise you on how to treat your hydrocarbon and tank. For example, if your hydrocarbon contains a small amount of contamination, you may be able to treat this with an effective biocide treatment or by polishing your hydrocarbon.

However, if there’s a large amount of sediment or water present in your hydrocarbon, then it’s much more likely to be heavily contaminated. If this is the case, a full manual or automated non-manned entry tank cleaning would be perfectly justified.


In conclusion, the type of tank cleaning service you may or may not require all depends on the quality of your hydrocarbon and the conditions of your tank.

By choosing Ekopet Energy Endustri Inc as your chosen service provider, you can always rest assured that we will recommend the best available solution for you; taking both cost-effectiveness and overall efficiency into account.